RAVANA, demon-king of Lanka

photo documentation


According to Hindu mythology, demon king Ravana is the prime  antagonist character in the epic #Ramayana. In all versions of the Ramayana, he is vanquished and killed by Lord #Rama.

#Dussehra, is one of the most important Hindu festivals where effigies of Ravana that are burnt at  mark the triumph of good over evil.

The Making

The task of making effigies of #Ravana involves multiple artists and craft. Skilled craftsmen take care of the job of making complex head and body structure, using bamboo splinters.Structures are then decorated with Colored papers, different #effigy makers have their different styles.

Character Performance

#Ramlila, is a performance of then Ramayana epic in a series of scenes. One of the most important character in this epic is demon Ravana, which is performed with elaborate costume and make-up by artist.

The Execution

On the last day of ‘Ramlila’, (the day celebrate as Dussehra) effigy of Ravana set for final drama.


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