photo documentation

“A single thread of hope is stronger than all the chains that bind you.”
―Jeffrey Fry

Thred temple-1

It is with this hope that the circular migrants’ settlement on the developing #BRTC track of #Surat, keep coming back, bringing along with them their cultures. A beautiful display of which was witnessed amidst  one of the busy roads of Surat, where some of these migrants, from Kolkata, who are into road construction,had built a temporary temple of threads to celebrate Vishvakarma day.


A simple cotton thread can be woven to form a piece of cloth, but here these migrant laborers had used it to create a beautiful #temple of some 7 feet high, to honor their god Vishvakarma. #Vishvakarma is a Hindu god, who is considered to be the divine architect, who have constructed many architectural marvels and fabulous weapons for the gods.




The temple took some two days to complete and was constructed by the group effort of all workers residing in that particular area. Their material choice varies every time. This time they used threads, with a #bangle being the centre for all the sides. It is from the bangle that the thread seems to radiate out to the number of nails pinned in the wooden structure erected in the form of a temple. They had also used artificial flowers to aesthetically decorate the visible wooden columns. After the worship this temporary abode is left abandoned.




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