#Dharavi is located in central part of Mumbai and considered as biggest slum of Asia, having 540 acres of area coverage. A part of this area is called ‘Kumbharwada'(area of potter) and it comprise of 20 acres of land and having 400 families as active potters. 70% of total requirement for earthen pots and #diyas in #Mumbai is supplied by this families. This trade was brought by Gujarat based potters in 1932 and they got settled here. Since then this families has set-up detailed infrastructure in such congested place and the practice is still going on.



Apart from importing mud from out side the slum, whole production is done in available area. The block of dry mud comes from outskirts of Mumbai and they treated in small poll near by internal walk way of slum. Once mud become raw material, modeling of object take place which is followed by baking process in oven. Baked object get colour and final packaging for dispatch.

DSC_2036 copy

Mud processing area adjoining to internal walk way

DSC_1989 copy

Precast small diyas drying out side house

DSC_2016 copy

Mud stacking on slum walk way

DSC_2021 copy

Precast stock

DSC_1999 copy

Multiple ovens in a row.


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